Sam Ayres
Project: Heathrow mapping system and digital touch points
Year: 2015
Agency: Applied_
Sector: Aviation
Role: UX & UI

The proposition

Wayfinding and effective mapping is absolutely paramount in any airport environment. Historically, Heathrow’s maps lacked consistency, legibility and accessibility and were out of date and inaccurate. Applied were tasked with solving this problem, creating a coherent design and ultimately alleviating the avoidable stress of passengers finding their way around quickly and simply.

Applied have delivered a ‘Living Map’ system, which maps the whole airport with geo-graphic accuracy and yet capturing the buildings routes and character. Phase one of the map has been launched with great success and appears throughout the website, as an interactive map for mobile devices and in heads-up form on signs in the terminals and in printed magazines. The centralised geo-database that drives all these maps is now managed coherently and up-to-date, alleviating not only some passengers’ headaches!

Working process

Using rapid paper prototypes and developing key user journeys I developed a set of the most common passenger focused journeys to highlight the key functionality that the map needed to perform. This was then developed into demo screens, a working prototype and service led solutions that could make users journeys easier. Another key aspect of the project was looking at ways to 'monetize the map'.

Prototype screens that formed part of the development process alongside the working prototype.

Development and delivery of the final version of the interface.